Sideways Bar and Grill came to life on August 24, 2018, as a restaurant in Campbellford

The Sideways Menu is diversified and includes something for every palate.

We offer bar style food such as Jumbo Chicken Wings, which people comment as being the best wings in Campbellford and the area of Trent Hills and Northumberland. We also have a touch of Greek food menu items, including our Saganaki Opa! Which is pan fried Greek cheese that is flambéed right at your table. It is one of the best appetizers ever!

We have introduced various platters that you can enjoy either at Sideways or take home and entertain your family and guests. There are 5 platter combinations, all of which are created to entice your palate.

Wednesday is Karaoke Bar Night where everyone eats, drinks and sings to their heart's content and is a great mid-week perk in and around Campbellford.

Thursday night is Wing Night where we showcase our very popular chicken wings at a great price.

Weekends come to life with Friday and Saturday live entertainment and great music that you can listen or dance to while enjoying our various drinks and creative cocktails, either classic or created by our very talented servers.

We have been known as Sideways Friday, Let’s Get Sideways, Sideways in Campbellford. But the best reference has always been hearing of the fun and enjoyment we have been able to provide in the Community since we opened while providing great food and atmosphere!!!

Please join us whenever we are able to fully open up again after the lockdowns. Currently only open for takeout either by online orders or by telephone.

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