Sideways Trail Town Lager Beer by Church Key Brewery

Sideways and Church Key Brewery have partnered up to create a refreshing locally brewed beer in support of our Trail Town initiatives.

A bit about the beer:

The Pour:   In the glass, It’s a nice bright golden. About a finger of head forms; just slightly off-white, big froth bubbles. Drops quickly, but holds with a nice thin cap at the surface. Carbonation is medium-high.

The Aroma:

On the nose, Sideways Trail Town Lager presents a subtle  hop profile of lemons, lightly herbal. Light malt, is pretty apparent but then notes of sweet grainy dough. Pleasant.

The Mouthfeel:

Body is very light, and mouthfeel is smooth and creamy. Lively carbonation buoys the light body and pulls it along.

The Taste:

Front  brings a bright lemony sweetness. Malt flavors, sweetness and slight graininess, which turns into doughy bread as it drops off the back. Light hops bring a zesty brightness; floral, herbal — almost peppery — and lemon citrus… all presented with extreme nuance, but balancing nicely.

Both the malt and hop flavors play it close to the vest, but there is complexity here. Nicely crisp in the finish. Lingering herbal notes and light lemon in the aftertaste.

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